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360-Degree Feedback Software

Software for 360-degree feedback doesn't have to be clunky and time-consuming. Impraise can be set up in minutes and runs automatically. This way, time can be better spent with coaching conversations.

360 degree feedback

360s are easier than ever

Your managers and HR team can organize 360-degree feedback for individuals (or any group of people) within minutes. A simple user interface minimizes workload for everyone. Feedback now becomes consistent and contextual.



A tool that employees easily adopt

Automated notifications and clear guidance help everyone to complete the 360 without interrupting the daily workflow. As you can complete it on desktop and mobile (iPhone & Android), your employees can start the review process on one device and finish it on another.



Meaningful reports simplified

Once your team has completed a review, a report is automatically created. Reports give insight into strengths and possible coaching needs for individuals and teams. Target future development and easily share feedback reports for meaningful


360 degree feedback example