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360 Feedback Software

Give your employees 360 Feedback software they will love. Managers will safe plenty of time so people can actually focus on having a meaningful conversation.


Improve self-awareness

Feedback from colleagues or managers can be easily compared against a person’s self-assessment. Give your team the ability to understand their own strengths and learning opportunities.


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performance review report

Simply share reports

Impraise makes it possible to share feedback reports amongst your team. Your managers can select who receives a copy of the performance report. To create an environment that is transparent, we recommend providing individuals with the means to control and share reports themselves.



Input for one-on-ones

Simple reports can be used as the perfect starting point for one-on-one conversations. Together with their manager or mentors, your employees can have in-depth conversations about the gathered feedback, direct their learning efforts and set goals to track progress.


performance appraisal report