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Our People Enablement Platform™ unleashes the potential of your people by energizing performance management, fostering professional development, and helping you seize all the moments in between.

Build processes people actually want

With a platform that's simple and easy to use, we help create processes that drive a culture of feedback and knowledge sharing. So, your company can focus on achieving its business objectives, retaining its best people, and ultimately outperforming the competition.

Benefits of our platform

A winning team in your corner

Our dedicated team of HR and change management experts help you define, set up, and bring your custom-fit people enablement strategy to life.

Our team has collectively set up hundreds of customers across the world. So we've got a strong understanding of the best practices that drive adoption."

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Rempko de Bie VP of Customer Success
Our approach to success
30 %

The average Impraise customer benefits from up to a 35% increase in engagement and up to a 20% increase in retention¹

Success begins and ends with people

Impraise helps us execute our vision of giving everyone a voice. It’s a system where everybody can give feedback to everyone. So, it's not just a manager evaluating you, it's giving each other feedback at any given time.”

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Leontine Hoekemeijer People & Talent Advisor
Explore real-time feedback

Flexibility and agility

We understand that culture change doesn’t happen overnight. From performance reviews to real-time feedback, our platform is flexible in supporting your people enablement strategy.

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Every company is different, so it's hard to know exactly what you need. Schedule time with one of our experts to learn how you can begin empowering your people to accelerate their performance and professional growth.

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¹ Impraise Customer Survey (2018).

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