Anonymity vs. open feedback

Remaining anonymous may make feedback easier for some people, while others may benefit from an open environment. Impraise lets you decide which feedback environment suits you best.


Adapts to your culture

You can choose whether or not feedback should remain anonymous. If giving and receiving transparent feedback is a strong part of your corporate culture, the platform can be adapted to incorporate this.


transparency at work feedback

Anonymity breaks the ice

Give everyone the option to send feedback anonymously. A private environment will encourage your employees to have honest conversations. This will gradually assist everybody to become comfortable with face-to-face feedback.



Create a culture of honesty and trust

Encourage your team to express feedback they wouldn't normally share. Honesty and trust is key to more actionable feedback. In the unlikely event that feedback is deemed inappropriate, users can easily flag feedback and managers can clarify misunderstandings immediately.


company culture trust and honesty