HR in the Lead: How to help managers with remote teams

HR Leaders are facing new challenges when it comes to enabling their people for remote working. In this series 'HR in the Lead' we discuss examples, learnings and innovate ways to tackle these challenges as it relates to people management and processes.

Remote working is not a new concept, however it is now something everyone around the world must learn to adapt to, and is more than likely here to stay.

With that in mind we have called upon HR Leaders around the world to share learnings and discover new ways of tackling People challenges. In this talk HR Leader Emma Kirkman, Co-Founder and Lead People Experience Coach at People Labs joins us to cover 3 topics Engagement, Productivity and Communication.

Jump ahead to specific moments:

Remote working has thrown a spanner in the works for most organizations today. To help you get through we have created a range of resources, whether you need Pulse Surveys, your managers need extra support, or you are trying to develop a strong Feedback Culture, head to our Remote Work section in our resource centre to learn more.

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