Impraise, more than just a new look

Over the past four years, our customer's challenges and aspirations have defined our product, evolved our offerings, and shaped our growth. Today, our world looks a little bit different. To better reflect who we are and where we are going, we’ve refocused our market positioning, refreshed our brand identity, and rebuilt our website.

Our belief is simple — Grow your people, grow your business

While agility and flexibility have long been valued as business strategy, they’re an afterthought when it comes to developing our most valuable asset — people.

We want to change this.

At Impraise, we believe that seizing moments to celebrate, learn, and improve, has the power to transform roles into careers.

Our mission is to empower people to unleash their potential

“In 2014, that meant redesigning performance reviews; creating a more engaging experience for one of HR’s most cumbersome processes. Today, it means accelerating individual performance, fostering career development, and seizing all the moments in between."
Bas Köhnke, CEO & Co-founder

Through intuitive technology, we forge cultures where individuals feel valued, motivated, and empowered to take ownership of their day-to-day progress and long-term career aspirations.

We’ve built The People Enablement Platform™ for people and businesses to thrive.

What we value

Our values guide us in building a smarter product, serving our customers better, and realizing our mission.

Our visual identity has one big idea — growth

Whether it’s after a project, meeting, or a hallway conversation, everyday moments and interactions can help us gain clarity, direction, and purpose. When we take the time to reflect, learn, and adapt – we grow.

Our visual language tells this story.

We start our roles and careers a bit rough around the edges and lacking in the richness that comes with knowledge and experience. But each piece of feedback we receive or knowledge exchanged rounds our edges, moves us with direction and purpose, and makes us more solid.

We show this through:

Moving forward

With this redesign, we wanted to build on what endeared our earliest customers while creating space for our brand to connect even more broadly. We hope our new brand and philosophy inspires our customers and users to reflect, learn, and grow. Today, tomorrow, and wherever their careers take them.

If you’re interested in seeing our vision come to life, visit

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