The secret to a better employee experience

Think back to the last positive experience you had. Maybe it was at a restaurant where the server anticipated exactly what you needed and provided insightful recommendations regarding the menu. Or, maybe it was the process of finding the perfect mattress by researching online the pros and cons of coil versus memory foam. The common element among these examples? Ease. Ensuring a process is easy is key to providing a positive experience.

For HR, this means improving the employee experience is all about making sure it’s easy for their workforce to navigate employee lifecycle events. And, at a time when the workplace is growing increasingly digital, it’s critical for HR to focus on the digital employee experience, which encompasses all the interactions employees have with the technology they use for work.

Here are 3 ways HR can ensure a positive digital employee experience:

1. Make it easy for employees to get answers from HR

Imagine how frustrating it can be for an employee who calls HR with a question about maternity leave and is tossed back and forth between HR representatives or put on hold. Or, when an employee needs to spend time searching and searching the company intranet for the vacation leave policy that’s relevant to their position and tenure.

Not only are these bad experiences, but they cut into your employees’ productivity by taking them away from doing the work they were actually hired to do. By providing employees with fast and efficient services, like access to a personalized self-serve knowledge portal, HR provides employees with a better digital experience while also contributing to a more productive workforce. In essence, HR should make it easy for employees to be employees.

2. Make it easy for employees to stay with your company

At any moment, 87% of your workforce is open to considering a new job offer. This is especially true if an employee feels bored and unchallenged in his current role. But, suppose it’s easy for them to access and learn about policies regarding internal transfers. By optimizing this experience, they are more likely to inquire about an internal move rather than get frustrated and start looking for a new job at a different company.

Similarly, HR Services can help employees upskill and succeed in new roles by giving them access to the resources they need. For instance, if an employee is internally promoted to be a manager for the first time, HR can sign them up to go through a “first time managers” process. This process can consist of tasks for the employee to complete, such as “read knowledge-based article on Performance Reviews for Managers,” “join this first-time managers group,” or “take Manager 101 in the LMS.” Through a personalized, streamlined experience, your employees will be comfortable and successful in their new role—and much more likely to stay with your organization.

3. Make it easy for employees to stay engaged

Today’s workforce was raised digitally. Just like they quickly turn to Google for answers, they expect to be able to type their query into an HR portal and get a result. Operation pick-up-the-phone avoided. They also expect the results to be personalized to them, similar to product recommendations from Amazon or movie recommendations from Netflix.

Additionally, employees today are accustomed to being able to access information whenever they want (on the weekends, in the evening) and wherever they want, whether that be in the office on their desktop or at home on their mobile device. When an employee needs a service from HR, such as requesting sick leave, the process must be as easy as getting a ride from Uber. For HR, this means the technology and methods employees use to get information and services from HR has to be as intuitive and accessible as the tools they use in their personal life.

So, how can you make it easy for today’s digital workforce to get the information and help they need from HR? An HR Service Delivery platform can help HR deliver a smooth digital employee experience. It provides employees with a personalized knowledge base with integrated forms and the ability to submit requests, and it gives HR the ability to share crucial information and documents with employees. As a result, employees are more empowered, satisfied and engaged.

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