Coaching conversations

Feedback should not be a one-way street. Two-way conversations are most important for trustful coaching. Give your employees the ability to respond to feedback in real-time. No more misunderstandings.


Conversational feedback

Feedback should always start a conversation. Let your employees respond to feedback they receive directly. Simply answer with a “Thank you for your feedback” or, if the feedback is unclear, ask for clarification and tips.


candid peer feedback in real-time
impraise mobile feedback software

A tool that employees adopt easily

Automated notifications and clear guidance help everyone to complete the 360 without interrupting the daily workflow. As you can complete it on desktop and mobile (iPhone & Android), your employees can start the review process on one device and finish it on another.



Thanks for the feedback

Have you recently received valuable and helpful feedback? With a simple click of the ‘Helpful’ button, it is easy to recognise received feedback. A simple ‘Thank you’ notification will drive engagement and lead to more meaningful feedback.


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