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TicketSwap are a heavily people focused organization, where strong relationships are fostered between managers and their teams through regular 1:1's, real-time feedback and clear goal-setting processes. Read the full customer story below to learn more.

TicketSwap is the safest place and simplest marketplace for fans to buy and sell tickets for events, concerts, festivals, sport events and more! With a focus on ensuring a fair price and fraud prevention.

Founded in 2012 in Amsterdam, now with over 15 nationalities employed, TicketSwap benefits from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds - each with their own style and ways of working!

The challenge - Improve the performance management process and supporting toolkit

TicketSwap had a clear mission and vision; build a platform that is easy, fair and transparent so everybody can experience a concert, festival, club night, theatre show or any other event. The aim was to make sure that no tickets go to waste, even if you are unable to make it at the very last minute, you can sell your ticket and make somebody else very happy!

In 2012, founder Hans Ober identified a gap in the market and began building the company that we now know as TicketSwap. Because nothing like this existed before, they experienced rapid growth both in personnel and in business around the world.

Much like their mission to ensure satisfaction for their customers, TicketSwap wanted their people to have the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

The previous system they used to run bi-annual performance reviews was an unfriendly user experience and did not provide a clear framework for the business, it’s managers, and it’s employees. Leaders of large teams sometimes struggled to remember everything that had happened in the 6 months prior to running the reviews, which risked giving a one sided review, rather than an informed, balanced perspective.

Alongside the review process, managers were having 1:1s with their direct reports, however, there was no place to capture the conversations and action points consistently. This made it more difficult for managers to circle back on recurring themes.

“We wanted a platform that was easy to use - for managers and their teams - and Impraise was a great fit.” - Anouk van der Spek, HR Manager

The People and Culture team were tasked with finding a technological solution that supported their fast growing business. This needed to empower their managers and employees with the key information and feedback they needed to improve their performance.

It was also important that many different sources of performance information could be collated and stored alongside each other, at a reasonable cost.

The solution - Create a culture of continuous feedback and learning

Employees engaging with the platform is vital to success. Being a company with many tech developers, it was vital that TicketSwap implemented a solution that had a great user experience. The solution needed to fit in with their existing way of working and not create disruption.

Building a continuous culture of feedback is an ongoing process that does not happen overnight. Recognizing that sometimes it can be challenging to not only give feedback but also receive it, TicketSwap hosted workshops on how to use the technology, but also the human side of giving and receiving feedback.

Putting people in the drivers seat

The primary goal was to increase the amount of feedback shared, and also boost self-awareness. We wanted people to ask ‘How am I doing as an individual’, instead of sitting back and expecting feedback from peers. Introducing Impraise allowed us to add a sense of accountability, while encouraging staff to take the initiative to ask for feedback."
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Anouk van der Spek
HR Manager

Knowing that managers are a key role in the performance management process, it was important that they led by example and actively asked for feedback. More than that, it was vital that they received it well and put it into practice wherever possible.

Impraise supported TicketSwap by offering one place to document and store all their performance management information. This was especially helpful for managers of large teams who were now able to add 1:1 meeting topics in advance of their meetings, edit live during their 1:1 and also refer back to afterwards. Additionally, they could now also link these to Goals and Objectives, for both individuals and their team.

“People find 1:1s really valuable within Impraise. The majority of people in the company use them regularly and it is easy to store all your information in one place.” - Anouk van der Spek, HR Manager

Building on top of real-time feedback, TicketSwap had set company goals which cascaded down into team and individual objectives. Having these goals within Impraise helped to create visibility, alignment and accountability, giving employees a strong sense of purpose as they could see how they were contributing to the big picture.

Results - Increased clarity, connectedness and growth

The People and Culture team set out to increase feedback and engagement, this is exactly what they achieved!

Within the first 6 months of using Impraise they had over 340 feedback interactions which includes giving praise, sharing a tip or asking for feedback. With the increase in feedback, managers have been able to use these insights to aid their performance conversations and support their review process.

“Before, it felt like there were just spontaneous moments, now there is one dedicated place that helps monitor their personal growth and drive their performance forward.” - Anouk van der Spek, HR Manager

At TicketSwap, the P&C team ensures every individual has role based competencies. These competencies are stored within the Impraise competency library and are used for both feedback on a skill and personal growth through goal setting. Managers include these competencies in their 1:1 conversations and performance review discussions. By including competencies in their performance processes, TicketSwap have created clarity and growth opportunities for their team.

Lastly, TicketSwap had an incredible uptake of the 1:1s. Going from a fragmented approach to now having over 400 1:1 topics recorded within Impraise, on a consistent basis across the company. Managers have found this particularly helpful with creating accountability and visibility

From fragmented to collated and centralized

Every manager has their own way of running their 1:1s, Impraise has the flexibility to support individual manager needs.”
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Anouk van der Spek
HR Manager
Explore 1:1s

The performance management process is no longer just about bi-annual reviews, it is much more continuous and allows HR and people leaders to have a pulse on what is going on as it relates to their people.

Next steps - Focus on the personal growth and development of all employees

TicketSwap has always had a strong focus on the development of it’s staff. They are heavily focused on investing in the personal growth and professional development of their people.

This includes bringing skills and competencies more into the feedback process through the ‘Ask for Feedback’ functionality. Encouraging people to ask for feedback from peers, to course correct if needed, to learn and grow.

Continuing our strong partnership, TicketSwap hopes to grow their team with the expert knowledge and support from the Impraise Customer Success Team.

“It’s very nice to know that when we share feedback or suggestions that Impraise really listens. Almost everything we have asked for is either on it’s way or already implemented.” - Anouk van der Spek, HR Manager

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