The on-the-job sales coaching through Impraise has been one of the drivers for our 11% increase in employee engagement



  • Develop  ubiquitous culture of coaching for excellence

  • Leverage feedback data to identify critical sales skills that require more investment in training and hiring

  • Accelerate the development of value-based selling skills


  • Align expectations between manager and sales representatives on critical skills to improve in order to exceed performance expectations

  • On the job coaching: running self-assessment and manager reviews right after joint sales activities

  • Use the Impraise analytics to identify coaching activity as well as a better understanding of the critical skills that require more attention


  • Impraise contributed to an 11% increase in employee engagement including a 9% increase in employee satisfaction on receiving meaningful feedback

  • Support managers to practice their coaching skills and to become more consistent in their coaching activity and for sales representatives to overcome for the fear of feedback

  • More than 6500 amount of feedback pieces exchanged in a 9 months’ time period


Elsevier, which is a part of RELX, is a 130 year old company that transitioned in the last few years from a content publishing company into a global information analytics company, specializing in health and science. The organization has offices across the globe with their main hubs in New York, London, Amsterdam, Beijing, New Delhi, Singapore and Sydney.


The transformation required the sales operations to change from a product feature sales approach to a consultative value-based selling method. This approach requires continuous coaching on the job and so Elsevier started looking for a solution that could support the sales leaders to become strong coaches.


Mobile solution as the driver for high adoption

After evaluating several performance review platforms, Elsevier chose to partner with Impraise. Simplicity and flexibility were the key drivers for this decision. In order to enable high adoption, Eric knew that a mobile native solution was going to be key. “We wanted to make it possible for our sales leaders to leave feedback and recognition right after a sales activity. The easy to use mobile application of Impraise made this possible”.

Align expectations on critical skills and debrief on them

The process at Elsevier starts with defining a coaching plan between manager and the sales representatives. Together they define the critical customer oriented skills on which the on-the-job sales coaching will focus.  Right after a joined sales activity, both the sales manager and the sales representative complete the review to evaluate which of the behaviors worked well, and where there is room for improvement.

The roll-out

All together it took about 6 months to prepare this roll-out for 500 employees from all over the world, including various remote employees. The collaboration with Impraise started with further designing the implementation process and preparing the customised environment. During the first 3 months Elsevier ran various test events in small cohorts.  Before the wider roll-out, the project team organized various kick-off webinars in the different time zones. The ongoing support of Impraise after that has been of excellent quality: “always in time and valuable consult on introducing a new system and reaching healthy adoption numbers”.

Highlighted benefits of Impraise

  • Customisability - Impraise is a flexible, multi-functional product that was fully customisable to meet the company’s unique needs. This will allow us to inspire our managers and employees to take charge of their personal development.

  • Impraise support team – it’s a great experience working with the Impraise. Always responsive and thoughtful about looking for solutions to improve the support of our process
  • Ease of use - The Impraise platform is incredibly user-friendly, allowing staff members to easily adapt to the new process.


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