We needed a solution that was simple, user-friendly and easy to implement, we found this in Impraise

White Ops


  • Implement a digitised and user-friendly performance management system for the first time.
  • Generate greater transparency and efficiency in the performance review process.
  • To improve the onboarding process for new employees to boost employee experience.


  • Develop customised templates for annual reviews with the help of Impraise.
  • Use Impraise to gain actionable information to encourage employees to engage with the review process.
  • Implement a 90-day review process for all new employees using Impraise.


  • Created an easy-to-use digital platform for performance reviews.
  • Boosted employee satisfaction by supplying regular 360 feedback for the year.
  • Highly successful implementation of 90-day onboarding process

Founded in 2012, White Ops, a world leader in cyber security services, helps organisations by protecting their entire digital advertising ecosystem. The company's innovative service secures their clients systems and data, thus leading to success of advertising campaigns and business goals.

White Ops Growth

The company has grown exponentially with offices in two locations in the United States. It had no performance review systems previously in place. Employees struggled with the lack of critical feedback from management and and had little transparency of of where they stood with the organisation... Additionally, the company has a large number of people who work remotely. Consequently, the team needed a platform that could provide clarity on how people were doing, recognise team achievements, and consolidate the feedback cycle.

Impraise: the Solution for White Ops

As a company that moves and grows at the same pace of technology,White Ops needed a performance management platform that recognised these factors. They also needed a solution that was user-friendly and easy to implement. They wanted it up and running in the shortest possible time-frame, as the company recognised the need for feedback. As a relatively young company, with an average age of 32, White Ops’ preferred a digitised, more modern platform. White Ops’ new Performance review approach required quarterly reviews, as well as, an in depth end of year 360-degree review. After looking at many other software solutions for performance management.

“Impraise really assisted us in streamlining our performance review cycle, which allowed me to focus on other critical parts of the HR function.”

Highlighted benefits of Impraise

  • Simplicity - Impraise is incredibly user-friendly, allowing teams to easily adapt to the new approach.
  • Flexibility - Impraise is a flexible, multi-functional tool that is fully customisable to meet the company’s unique needs. This allows us to inspire our managers and employees to take ownership of their own personal and professional development. We also utilise thisas part of our onboarding process; whereby new employees complete a 90-day review.
  • Smooth Implementation - Rather than taking months to implement, Impraise was ready for use so much faster than expected . What’s more, our employees have been giving overwhelmingly positive feedback about Impraise.
  • Employee satisfaction - Impraise enables employees to give anonymous feedback to each other. This forges greater team collaboration and helps us improve internal communications.
  • Resources - Impraise offers the opportunity to export reports after the review process. This makes life much easier for us in HR to evaluate employee contributions and highlight future areas for improvement. Additionally, the guidance while using the platform was outstanding: “Impraise was quick to respond” and always “extremely helpful”.
  • Universality - The Impraise platform is being used throughout the company; the Engineering, Product development, Marketing, Customer Success, Sales and Operations Departments have all implemented the feedback tool. We are currently only using some of the tools available, but we plan to expand its usage.