GameHouse | Supporting Outcome Based Reviews

GameHouse is the largest developer and distributor of mobile games in the world. What started as a small studio in Seattle has quickly grown to more than 150 employees worldwide.

Challenge: Inefficient process

As GameHouse operates in an industry that is constantly adapting, it’s always been important for their employees to develop their professional and personal skills. Previously, the company carried out performance reviews twice per year, during which each employee had to answer six basic questions. These were constructed to indicate whether an employee needed to start, stop, or continue a specific work related habit. The laborious nature of filling out forms and overall feedback outcome did not provide actionable goals for employees in the way the HR team intended. This lead to employees waiting for months before receiving any valuable feedback.


Solution: Timely, instant feedback

Outcome focused

Rutger Peters, CEO at GameHouse, knew that in their mission to support employees in their personal development, they needed to enable better growth conversations between managers and employees. GameHouse increased their review cycles from twice to 4 times a year with Impraise. With this new strategy, Peters sought to finally have a system where employee development would be the main focus. 

Within just two weeks of purchase, GameHouse conducted their first 360-degree review. With support from the Impraise Customer Service team, GameHouse was able to implement a frictionless performance review experience which they weren’t able to achieve with previous software providers. 


User friendly interface

When it came to the everyday usage of the Impraise platform, both employees and their managers found the intuitive and straightforward user interface made it easy to give and receive feedback. Furthermore, HR managers were able to gather feedback quickly and provide actionable insights that employees could use to improve their daily behaviours and workflows. 

Impraise reduced the workload per review cycle from 2 months to 2 weeks
— Rutger Peters, CEO

Results: Outcome based reviews

Peters emphasized how easy it is for employees to compare the results of the feedback they receive. This made it easier for both GameHouse and employees to see how much they improve throughout the year. Managers also receive insightful feedback about their management capabilities, allowing them to devise their own development plans as well.

The quality of feedback given to peers increased exponentially with Impraise and people feel that they learn faster with more frequent feedback
— Rutger Peters, CEO

Are you ready to join the worlds best workplaces in building a culture of feedback with Impraise? 


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