Impraise is a great tool for young organizations where people want frequent feedback for improvement
Impraise is a great tool for young organizations where people want frequent feedback for improvement
Christa van Veldhuizen - HR Director


Zanox is the leading performance advertising network of Europe with over 600 employees across the globe. The Zanox Group supports companies from all industries and of all sizes in the effective marketing of products and services on the internet.


Christa van Veldhuizen, HR Director at Zanox, believes that personal development and efficient team building are key to shaping a successful business culture. Previous performance review system at Zanox involved an annual review and 2 additional conversations per year. After employees expressed a need for more frequent feedback, it became obvious that an easy-to-use tool was necessary to satisfy both organizational and employee needs.

The old feedback conversations at Zanox only included feedback provided from managers to employees and it was necessary for Zanox to enable feedback between co-workers. Van Veldhuizen thought that a continuous and honest feedback environment would enable employees to identify their overall performance. “This would prevent any bad surprises on employees’ part during the performance review round, as everybody would know where they stood in terms of performance,” says van Veldhuizen about the result she expected from such a conversation.



The HR team combined role-specific skills they defined in their earlier processes with the skills readily available on Impraise and completed development profiles for 9 different roles. Van Veldhuizen describes their implementation of the platform:

“We started using Impraise for quarterly 360-degree reviews within each team, where managers would ask feedback on their leadership skills in order to improve and finally employees could ask feedback when it’s appropriate. However, we used the system to make a gradual movement towards employee-driven feedback, so that feedback culture would be truly adopted by the whole team.”

In order to get adoption in the organization and to make all employees familiar and comfortable with the tool and with feedback, managers started asking feedback from their teams and setting up light-weight feedback sessions among their teams. Playing a key part in the adoption of Impraise, managers were required to set up 1-on-1 conversations in order to discuss the feedback they received on the platform. Moreover, to prioritize feedback, a reward program was launched where the most frequent feedback-provider of the month was rewarded.



After using Impraise for 3 months, Zanox employees and managers have found that the web and mobile platform helped strengthen their company culture by boosting employee growth. As a fast-growing company with a young workforce, Zanox realized that role-specific skills coming with the platform help people understand what is expected of them and what skills are needed for them to be successful.

Employees at Zanox reported to the HR team that Impraise is really easy to use and it is a time-saving way to communicate. The HR team at Zanox was congratulated on taking the initiative to put more emphasis on employees’ personal and professional growth.

Frequent feedback between managers and co-workers has promoted a company culture of open communication and continuous development at Zanox. The next step for the company is to have satisfaction questions attached to the CEO’s profile in order to gauge overall employee engagement. “Impraise is a great tool for young organizations where people want frequent feedback for improvement”, van Veldhuizen says about Impraise, “It is a modern software suited for the modern workplace, and a big thumbs up to the customer service provided during and after we started using the tool”.