Impraise reduces the threshold for people to give feedback
Impraise reduces the threshold for people to give feedback
Marc Jansen - Global Manager Learning and Talent



Starting as a small startup in 1996 and currently a world leader in booking accommodations online, the company always kept its focus on establishing a company culture where employee engagement is placed at the center of its operations. A truly global and dynamic organization, over 9,300 people with 142 nationalities, working from 165 offices worldwide and dedicated to serving customers and partners.


The previous process involved quarterly performance check-in conversations with feedback from managers to employees. The evaluation process used consisted of discussion of employee performance between middle managers and team managers, team managers then would evaluate employees based on this discussion. This conversation did not leave any time for the discussion of evaluations with employees and development goals would be communicated to them after the evaluation was over. Besides, this downstream communication did not enable a formal process for feedback between co-workers. The management team realized that they needed a complementary solution that would enable feedback between co-workers for effective development.

Marc Jansen, Global Manager of Learning and Talent, thinks that the skills employees think they needed for their roles were not in line with what was actually expected of them. This communication bottleneck would often result in employees not knowing their strengths and learning opportunities and thus they would not be able to access useful development goals. Jansen realized that managers did not have enough time to conduct a comprehensive quarterly performance review. Since there was not any system to keep track of employee performance over time, managers often depended on the most recent performance of employees in their quarterly evaluations. Even bi-weekly conversations needed more input for managers regarding employee performance.


Jansen and his team found that Impraise provides them with the tools to enable continuous communication between co-workers and managers. The ability to develop role-specific skills and keep track of them for each employee was important to unlock employee development. The HR team found that having a conversation between managers and employees on their feedback would lead to more in-depth understanding of what is expected of each employee. Besides, the feedback provided on Impraise can also be discussed during 1-on-1 meetings, which led to more meaningful conversations.

Since our company is invested in its employees and interested in their personal and professional development, the mission of Impraise was a perfect match.
— Marc Jansen


The light-weight interface makes it easy for the online booking-giant's employees to access their development goals.

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Impraise was first introduced to two pilot teams of 30 and 60 people. After both teams found the feedback they received via Impraise to be useful, it was introduced to other teams as well. Currently, the company is using Impraise to conduct their quarterly 360-degree reviews initiated by team managers. Managers set development goals for employees per quarter, and employees ask for feedback on these goals at the beginning, during and at the end of the quarter. The feedback employees receive during these sessions are discussed with managers during bi-weekly 1-on-1 conversations. The system has proved to be useful in keeping a record of all these development-oriented conversations.





Jansen and his team stated that they have been happy with the results they achieved with the help of Impraise. 360-degree reviews receive more than 95 percent participation and they are completed in less than 2 weeks.

He cited the mobile-first design of the application to be one of the main features that differentiates Impraise from similar applications, which made giving and receiving feedback a very easy process.

Jansen reported that Impraise was adopted by their employees very quickly, and the adoption process was sped up with the customer service Impraise offered. Marc Jansen is happy with the positive outcome they achieved regarding employee development and suggests it as a great way to communicate and track any company’s overall performance.