TamTam | Fueling the Feedback Exchange

TamTam, one of the top digital agencies in Holland, attracts a young talented and international workforce. It’s company culture is based on three pillars: Equality, Freedom and Camaraderie. Created in 1996, Tam Tam has seen growth of 200% over the last two years. To sustain this growth, they needed a platform that gave them scalability. 

Challenge: Structural stress

TamTam transitioned to a flat organizational structure where everyone is equal. As such, it was critical to facilitate open and honest collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and a positive working environment.

At TamTam, everyone has their own areas of competence and is responsible for their own agenda and results. Instead of managers, the company has competency leads, which act as coaches for their teammates. To sustain this new culture, HR lead Sandra van Heeswijk identified the need to facilitate more feedback between peers. 

Solution: Sealing in feedback

TamTam has always had a very open culture, even before implementing Impraise. However, previously feedback requests were done by email, taking too much time and effort. This clunky process actually discouraged employees from giving open honest feedback. 

TamTam first partnered with Impraise in September 2015. The first review was a 360, where leads asked for feedback from their employees.

“This way everyone came in contact with Impraise, everyone received an invitation,” van Heeswijk explained. 

After the event the leads were encouraged to communicate their results. Having role models demonstrate their willingness to receive and act upon feedback resulted in greater trust and companywide buy in.

According to Van Heeswijk, their feedback process is now far more structured and specific. The aggregated reports generated by Impraise have helped her team to more accurately analyze individual performance and pinpoint areas for improvement. In particular, Impraise data has enabled HR to get a better picture of who or what departments might need extra training, and in what areas. This is especially important for consolidating a strong feedback culture. As she explained:

“One of Tam Tam’s values is honesty. To encourage this we set some feedback rules. A part of our onboarding program is Tam Tam culture during which we explain those rules and why we think feedback is so important. Last year we gave all of our competency leads and project managers a feedback course but this year we’re going to make it an open subscription for everybody”

Tam Tam wanted to improve feedback on a day to day basis and not only on skills. If you don’t give each other feedback on those little things that irritate you, then it’ll end up getting in the way of cooperation.
— Sandra van Heeswijk, HR Lead

Results: Structural integrity

Since using Impraise, feedback exchanges have increased significantly. 69% of the feedback was requested outside of the formal performance review process, demonstrating that people are using Impraise to take initiative and ownership of their development.


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