Junior managers are facing a new set of challenges in the modern workplace. The demands of millennials, rise of remote and freelance workers and the current spike in employee disengagement are all reshaping the manager-employee relationship.

Did you know that today 50% of people who leave their jobs leave due to issues with management?

Rather than traditional top-down managers, today's workforce is in great need of strong team leaders who can navigate the challenges of guiding and inspiring, while allowing their employees the space they need to carry out projects autonomously. 

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The steps:

This course is broken down into 5 core essentials to becoming a great team lead and coach. For each key learning you will receive 2-3 emails: 

  • Lesson 1: Setting up the right environment

  • Lesson 2: Upward feedback & gaining trust 

  • Lesson 3: Checking-in vs micromanaging

  • Lesson 4: Motivating 

  • Lesson 5: Evaluation