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Employee Engagement Activities

Employee engagement is one of the key challenge companies need to overcome in order to keep millennials motivated in the workplace. 


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Give more praise

Give praise and recognition to your team on a regular basis to boost workplace morale. Giving recognition creates strong emotional bonds with the employee and the organisation.


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Nurture a culture of learning and professional progress

Now, you not only understand individual performance much better. Impraise also offers a team or company dashboard that helps you identify performance patterns. Targeted training and coaching can directly have an impact. You'll see the impact this has on your team engagement, too. 


Regularly check in with the team

Constantly check in on how your teams are performing. Pulse surveys give you the unique opportunity to understand where to improve the workplace and how to regularly go about it. Furthermore, pulse surveys are anonymous, so employees can honestly express how they are feeling toward their work, their manager or to whatever concerns they may have.  


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