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Build a Strong Feedback Culture as Fast-Growing Company

Rapidly growing companies often face these challenges:


  • The strong focus on recruitment hurts the company culture and employee relationship.

  • First-time managers are challenged to lead without knowing how, resulting in more disengaged team members.

  • Bad hires aren't identified quickly enough and have a negative impact on culture and performance.  

360 degree feedback

Encourage continuous feedback & individual growth

Start building a strong feedback culture from Day 1. It's important for everyone to understand what's expected from them and how they can perform at their best. Making feedback employee-driven will result in shorter learning cycles and more engagement. Increase team spirit by rewarding those people that help their colleagues grow. 


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Help junior managers gather feedback from their team

Promoting employees to junior managers can come with quite a risk. Most millennials don't have a good understanding what it means to be a good manager. Identify early who needs support and help every team lead gather leadership-specific feedback from their team. This way also their direct reports will be inspired to grow. 


Get meaningful performance insights early

Avoid bad hires by checking-in on culture-fit and performance during the probation period. This way teammates and manager can directly give feedback and  identify if the new colleague fits the company culture and the skill requirements. Keeping people in the team that don't fully match will be a thing of the past. 


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