Drive company alignment

Drive company alignment by visualizing how company, team, and individual goals work together to achieve company OKRs or goals – all in one view.

Promote accountability and highlight dependencies by aligning milestones with team and personal goals, assigning clear goal owners, due dates, and goal statuses.

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Stay in the loop by tracking and sharing progress

Make check-ins and asking for support easier by easily adding personal goals as a 1:1 topic, or requesting for feedback on a goal from peers – directly from the goal itself.

Individuals can share goals with mentors or peers for additional collaboration and visibility.

Keep OKRs or SMART goal progress top of mind and up-to-date with note sharing and automatic reminders.

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Support both performance and development

It's important to help people focus on what they can do in their role today – but also what they want to achieve in their careers.

Help managers to support the professional development of their teams by clearly separating development goals from company OKRs – boosting both performance and engagement.

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Celebrate achievements as a team

Help everyone to stay motivated and engaged in their OKR or SMART goal progress, with our Slack integration. Publicly shared goal updates acknowledge milestone progress as they are completed.

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Understand OKRs progress company-wide

Understand OKR progress by segmenting data by teams, status, and goal type. Break your data down even further by uploading custom fields or a CSV – so you can segment by the variables most important to you.

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