Establish clear role expectations for teams

Set company, team, and individuals goals and track them in one place so everyone can see how their work ties to the bigger picture. Goals with clear milestone tracking make it easy to see what’s complete, on-track, or needs unblocking.

Nothing slows a company down more than poor prioritization and misalignment. We built Impraise to connect teams and provide direction in a way that is simple and lightweight for both managers and individuals."
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Bas Kohnke
Co-founder & CEO
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Keep managers and teams aligned

Light-weight check-ins help managers identify blockers and stay aligned on performance and progress with their direct reports at a cadence that works for their team.

We needed insights into our talent so we could calibrate across the organization. Being a global company, Impraise helps us understand who our top performers are and who needs extra coaching, no matter what office they’re in.
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Karen Miller
Chief People Officer
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Flexible setup to meet your needs

Set up is easy with templates, customize your own and duplicate the reviews you use most. Once live, maintain an overview of progress, update participants, and extend deadlines even after a review has been scheduled.

Prior to Impraise we had 8,000 different Google Docs to go through every review cycle. None of our team liked it and it was a huge administrative burden. With Impraise our bi-annual reviews are lighter, less scary, and more helpful.”
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Lianne Hajduch
HR Business Partner
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Integrate with everyday workflow

Schedule reviews at a cadence that works for each team and follow up with automatic reminders to drive participants to next steps. From the mobile app to Slack, Impraise connects with the workflows and tools people use everyday, making it really seamless to complete reviews while gathering actionable insights.

We use Impraise for leadership reviews, peer feedback, self-evaluations, and more. And, in every situation the completion rate is almost 100%. This is something we’re very proud of.
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Kristel Moedt
People & Talent Director
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