Guidance & Recognition

“CEB studies show 35% of people leave their companies due to poor coaching”. Break the mold, demolish the barriers that prevent your people from recognising each other’s strengths, and giving credit where it’s due. With Impraise’s ‘Praise & Tip’ function, you can provide feedback more easily than ever before.


Share Instant Feedback and Recognition

Share feedback and recognise outstanding performances easily among colleagues. The simple user interface is efficient and fast, on both the website and mobile devices with seamless integration with your existing Impraise feed.



Grow your Feedback Culture

Impraise’s simplicity enables employees to share feedback more frequently; promoting a culture of continuous feedback and development from within. Increase employee experience through constructive and relevant tips in real-time, when it matters most.



Develop Effective Managers through Coaching

Managers become better coaches by providing regular feedback and recognition to their teams when they need it most. Track the frequency of feedback given and determine which team members need attention most.


manager feedback dashboard