Create visibility company wide

Establishing clarity and alignment around company goals is crucial to supporting both performance and professional development.

Provide your managers and reports with a collaborative space where they can create personal and business goals, set clear milestones, and link goals to 1:1s to help monitor progress.

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Support feedback opportunities outside reviews

What you do is important for your role, but how you do it is important for your career.

Encourage people to share feedback with others in real-time, or request feedback from specific people. This could be on a recent project, goals they've set, or a skill they're working on – allowing them to see rating progress over time.

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From baseline to tracking trends

With all your data in one place, you can now begin maintaining a holistic view of performance by team.

As your data grows, you can begin tracking trends, visualizing results and comparing responses over time – allowing you to begin making critical decisions backed by data.

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Achieve high completion rates company wide

We use Impraise for leadership reviews, peer feedback, self-evaluations, and more. And, in every situation the completion rate is almost 100%. This is something we’re very proud of.”
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Kristel Moedt
Head of People and Talent
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