Goals & OKRs

Help teams and individuals understand how their work contributes to the success of the company so you can all to begin moving in the same direction – together.

Set, communicate, measure and report on results to drive accountability, performance and development across teams.

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Collaborative 1:1s

Support more regular and effective coaching opportunities between managers and their teams, so your people are more aligned and engaged with their work.

Easily collaborate on agendas with suggested topics to discuss items like current goal progress, follow up on previous action items, and easily reference past conversations.

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62 %

65% of managers believe they exchange more meaningful feedback with direct reports, using Impraise¹

Real-time Feedback

Without adequate recognition for the work they do or constructive feedback to help them grow, your people can easily become disengaged and stagnate professionally.

Build a culture of feedback by allowing people to easily show recognition for a job well done, offer constructive criticism, or request feedback from peers — anytime, anywhere.

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70 %

72% of users found that feedback exchanged through Impraise contributed to their performance improvements.¹

Reviews and Appraisals

Outdated and manual review processes typically mean an overwhelming amount of work for HR – and underwhelming results for everyone involved.

It's time to automate the process to help save precious time for HR, while also helping individuals to asses their performance and gather actionable feedback from peers and managers.

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90 %

The average Impraise customer experiences a 93% participation rate for reviews.¹

Engagement and Pulse Surveys

Without a clear understanding of current engagement or how this is trending over time, you can't make informed decisions or gather buy-in from the business to better support your people.

Quickly gauge morale, engagement and productivity of your people, so you can take action to keep everyone engaged and productive.

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HR Insights and Analytics

It's difficult to drive change without insights to help understand how people are performing, how they're feeling, and how they're tracking over time.

Get buy-in from leadership by visualizing and comparing results over time – helping to make more informed decisions and drive meaninful initiatives to support your people.

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