Performance Appraisal

Employee performance appraisals don't have to be old-fashioned. Provide your team with a user-friendly tool that gives you all the insights and analytics that you don't have right now.



Set up your appraisal in minutes

Combine qualitative and quantitative feedback for more insightful appraisals. Impraise makes it simple for companies to customize skills and opened ended questions. The simple user interface minimizes workload and performance appraisals happen more frequently, making your team learns faster.


employee performance review
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Fits perfectly into your workflow

Conduct performance appraisals within two weeks, quick and simple. Clear tasks and automated reminders can be set, making it easy to complete appraisals on time. You can track review progress, save drafts and complete feedback at a later stage, or on a different device.



Clear and insightful dashboard

A dashboard provides managers with an overview of the appraisal in progress. Once it’s completed, reports are automatically generated and identify hidden strengths and potential blind spots. All reports are collated in one place, making it easier to share them during following one-on-ones.


performance appraisal example report