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Performance Appraisal Software

The most advanced software to conduct meaningful employee performance appraisals.

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Analyze key strengths and learning opportunities

You can identify employee skills and behaviors in a very easy, visual manner. Quickly understand where individuals, teams or the company as a whole stand and in which competencies people need support. Make performance management a proactive, not reactive process.


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Make better decisions with more insights

Not only understand individual performance but also how strengths and weaknesses are distributed across each team or department. You can filter down to individual level to understand who needs support. This will help you make better compensation decisions but also save you a lot of time conducting the data.



Uncover your best performers

Give your top performance the recognition they deserve. Make sure you reward great behavior to set a great example for other team members. Employees that are recognized for a job done well will be much more engaged and bring in new talent. 


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