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Performance Evaluation

Evaluating your employees' performance doesn't have to be a threatening process for your people. Engage everybody with helpful feedback and gather the performance information that you need.

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Identify strengths and learning opportunities

Understand your employees core competencies and past performance by gathering feedback within a few days. Reports will be automatically generated and provide you with in depth analytics about a person's performance. This report is a great start for a performance conversation or development plan. 

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Improve team performance 

Simple dashboards allow you to track not only individual performance but also aggregated team and company skills. You can easily share and print reports to have meaningful conversations with the relevant people. Training and coaching will now be proactive and not reactive anymore. 



Reward your best performers

Easily recognize star team members. Give them the ability to share their knowledge with others in the team, and reward them for their efforts. Train them to become future managers or team leaders. Recognizing your top performers will not only motivate them more but they will possibly even bring more talent to your organization. 


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