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Performance Evaluation Software

Evaluating the performance of your employees shouldn't be a cumbersome process. Software needs to be highly user-friendly and engage your employees. Managers also spend way less time this way.

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Easily evaluate employee performance 

Understanding your top performers and those employees that require support is key to your company's success. Don't wait until the end of the year to identify what goes well and what should be improved. Impraise allows you to set up frequent evaluations that don't take more than 10 minutes. 


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The performance health of your team is finally visible

Don't only look at individual performance but also at the aggregated performance in specific teams or departments. This way you can make very targeted decisions about training and coaching, in real-time. Your organization will innovate faster once team-work is going great. 


Retain your top performers

In order to keep your best talent you will need to reward their great performance accordingly. If people do great but don't receive the recognition they deserve you will eventually lose them. If people feel rewarded and trusted they will stay and possibly bring more talent into your organization. 


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