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Performance Management Software

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Identify strengths and learning opportunities

Understand which key behaviors, values and skills are the strongest in your team. Combine the power of real-time feedback with regular performance check-ins or follow the traditional performance review approach. In any case, reports automatically generated in no time. This is finally not a hassle anymore. 


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Make better decisions with more insights

Now, you not only understand individual performance much better. Impraise also offers a team or company dashboard that helps you identify performance patterns. Targeted training and coaching can directly have an impact. You'll see the impact this has on your team engagement, too. 


Reward your best performers

There are a bunch of star performers in the team that are waiting for the recognition they deserve. Make them stand out so you motivate other to develop as well. People that receive recognition will be more motivated, they stay longer at your organization and they might even bring more talent to your team. 


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