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Performance Review Software

Give your employees the most advanced experience when conducting your next performance review.


Insightful People Analytics

Visual reports make it very easy to identify key strengths and learning opportunities. Easily compare self-assessment against feedback from manager or even peers. Reports are automatically generated in no time. Customize rating and open questions to your preference and even the scale can be easily changed. 

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performance review report

Simply share reports

Performance review reports can be easily shared with the relevant people. Everything happens automatically with the click of a button. This way you can directly involve your manager, the HR team or a mentor or coach. It's important that the performance review directly starts a conversation about past performance and even more importantly about future development.



Input for performance conversations

Reports can be easily printed. Hence, you can discuss positive feedback and development areas right away. Everything will be also automatically archived and documented online, so everything is done much quicker. 


performance appraisal report