Personal feedback dashboard

 Don’t let your people work in a vacuum. Everybody needs to have a good understanding of where they stand. One simple dashboard provides users with an overview of how they are doing.


Your real-time feedback dashboard

A simple timeline outlines all the feedback you have recently received. Quickly view positive and constructive feedback, anywhere, anytime. The dashboard is private, meaning feedback remains confidential.


Performance Review Feedback Analytics
work skills feedback overview

Overview of key strengths

Understand your overall strengths and coaching needs. Pick up on feedback patterns and observe behavioral tendencies. This will give you a good overview of areas you may want to focus on in the future and puts feedback in the right perspective.



Track progress over time

Track your improvements over time. Each skill and behaviour can be tracked and reviewed to understand long-term growth. You can now frequently check if you are heading in the right direction and get motivated to achieve more. 


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