Performance Reviews & 360 Feedback

Overcome the challenge of remote performance appraisals with a clear & streamlined feedback experience that empowers managers to truly grow their people – building more agile & high performing teams.

Grow your people to succeed in a changing world

The evolving landscape of flexible and remote work has changed what it takes to create work environments where managers can inspire and develop their teams.

Impraise offers a performance management system designed to facilitate faster feedback loops, so managers are truly empowered to support employee development – delivering the performance needed to succeed in todays fast changing world.

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Streamline the experience – from setup to analysis

Streamlined set-up

Design your dream processes – in one place

Reviews historically have a bad rep, but HR has been restricted by the tools on hand – until now.

Build with freedom, knowing you have the flexibility to offer the best review type for each team or department, assign date ranges, customize questions or choose from templates, adjust anonymity preferences, and even allow feedback from external clients or partners – without jumping between tools.

Compared to tools we’ve used before, Impraise is quicker, easier, and everything you need is all in one place."
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Lonneke van Erp
Global HR Director
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Clear & consistent

Help identify a clear path for development

Managers juggle a lot of responsibilities, so we make it easier for them to identify growth opportunities.

Deliver a clear and consistent experience that guides people through the whole process and helps managers identify the best path for development. Notifications make deadlines clear, while automatic reminders save you chasing people – taking participation to all time highs.

We use Impraise for leadership reviews, 360 feedback, self-evaluations, and more. In every situation the completion rate is almost 100%. This is something we’re very proud of."
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Kristel Moedt
People & Talent Director
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Get full visibility

Stay informed throughout the entire cycle & beyond

Forget trawling through hundreds of spreadsheets or disconnected tools to still lack confidence in your reporting.

With all feedback in one place, you have access to HR reporting like never before. Get high level view of all reviews over time, track progress during each cycle, easily measure participation in real-time, and better understand rating distributions – without the manual effort.

It was really insightful to be able to see the data and the metrics over the course of time. That helped guide us in the planning for the next year."
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Kerry Shields
HR Technical Lead
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Drive adoption & success with dedicated onboarding & support

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Reviews are an important part of performance management, but the strength of impraise lies in the integrated processes that enable managers to build a develop high performing teams. Contact us to learn more about the features that are most important to you, and answer your questions on the spot.


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