The People Enablement Platform

Create high performing teams & foster a growth mindset culture. Connect people to strategy, facilitate real-time feedback & drive actionable reviews so teams can fail fast, learn & stay adaptable.

Goals & OKRs

Focus your company on overarching goals & OKRs

Set OKRs and link teams and individuals to achieving them. With a goals overview you can create a shared vision, and a real source of truth for aligning priorities. Give managers and individuals direction and autonomy to take your company to the next level.

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Goals & OKRs

Measure goal progress & spark team collaboration

Accurately measure OKR progress by selecting the best metric that defines success. With visibility of company, team, and individual OKRs, people can visualise how their collective efforts come together to achieve growth, and where they can collaborate - regardless of where people work from.

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Real-time Feedback

Build a culture of feedback

Foster real-time feedback by giving teams a quick and easy way to give, get or request feedback from peers.

Celebrate great work so people get the recognition they deserve by (optionally) sharing praise publicly through our simple slack integration.

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70 %

72% of users found that feedback exchanged through Impraise contributed to their performance improvements.¹

Reviews & 360 Feedback

Make performance reviews meaningful

Seamlessly manage the performance review process. Establish regular touch points and check in's so that you give people more relevant and useful feedback.

Easily set up 360's, self assessments, or use custom templates to give valuable feedback throughout the quarter.

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90 %

The average Impraise customer experiences a 93% participation rate for reviews.¹


Prioritise personal development

Facilitate manager coaching conversations with individuals around goals, skillsets, and career development through 1:1's.

Individuals can use Impraise as a dedicated space for setting their learning and growth trajectory, receiving feedback on their progress, and celebrating milestones.

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62 %

65% of managers using Impraise¹ believe they exchange more meaningful feedback with their teams.

People Analytics & Reporting

Use analytics to understand people development

Visualise and compare people analytics over time – so that you can make more informed decisions and drive meaningful initiatives to support your people.

Get quick insights into how many goals teams and individuals set and the type of goals they set. Measure the health of feedback (tips vs praise) and see if 1:1's on carer development are taking place.

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Pulse & Engagement Surveys

Get a quick pulse on everyone's ideas

Get actionable insights through engagement surveys and use pulse surveys to get regular feedback on pressing topics that you want to hear about from your people – so you can drive the change you want to see.

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Source: ¹ Impraise Customer Survey (2018).

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