People Analytics & Reporting: From adoption to ROI

From HR dashboards measuring adoption by Team to reporting on progress to Leadership. Having your data for People in one place provides clarity on what is working well, or where you should focus more time – like never before.

People Analytics & Reporting: From adoption to ROI

Standard Reporting and Advanced Analytics

Because your processes and the associated challenges are unique to you – we have two HR reporting solutions to chose from, depending on your requirements.

Standard Reporting
is built to cover your needs for the most common use cases, and is available for all customers out of the box. Advanced Analytics is an optional upgrade, which offers in-depth HR dashboards for common use cases, but can also be heavily tailored for teams with demanding requirements.

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Standard Reporting

Monitor adoption
as you go

The days of blindly launching new processes are behind you, as you can now easily track engagement and success using the most relevant metrics – as you go.

Quickly track the proportion of people who have registered their account, the amount of feedback shared, which teams have set and assigned Goals or OKRs, or which Managers are yet to schedule follow-up 1:1s after a review, and more.

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Standard Reporting

Compare engagement over time

While anecdotal feedback is great, it will never offer conclusive evidence for progress – especially when reporting to Leadership, who often prefer to put their trust in numbers.

Comparing results over time for metrics like the amount of feedback shared or requested, quarterly engagement scores, or the number of OKRs completed by each team – offers you tangible evidence to show progress.

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Standard Reporting

Back your plays with data

Teams who fail to adapt to data-driven decision making are doomed to be left behind in today's world – including HR.

Moving from generic tools like Google Sheets to a purpose-built People Enablement Platform provides you with the tools and insights needed to gain trust and respect in a rapidly evolving business environment. Use the reports available or export your data to dive even deeper.

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Advanced Analytics

Understand usage and adoption like never before

For HR teams with high expectations for both performance and reporting from Leadership – Advanced Analytics is for you.

Explore the evolving HR dashboard template library, build your own, or work with our Data specialists to ensure you’re measuring exactly what you need in order to understand Performance and Engagement, and prove success to key stakeholders.

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Advanced Analytics

Drill down for the most granular insights

While measuring success is now fundamental in today’s world, evaluating Performance and Engagement in smaller units provides you with insights to truly scale.

Drill down to learn which departments, teams, managers or individuals are performing best based on defined competencies, who is living your company values, who is (or isn't) following processes correctly, and much more.

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Advanced Analytics

Paint a picture of your success – backed with data

If data is spread across different platforms, it’s difficult to gather, trust and tell a meaningful story.

With your OKRs, Review results, Real-time Feedback and 1:1 interactions all stored in one place – Advanced Analytics puts you in a powerful position to make detailed sense of Performance and Engagement to date, and paint a clear picture of where you should go next to grow your business.

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Customer Story

How Starlight set & tracked progress towards goals

Prior to Impraise, Starlight had a manual and cumbersome paper-based process. This did not allow for data to be collated and updated easily, making it very difficult to report, track and analyse information when required.

It was really insightful to be able to see the data and the metrics over the course of time. That helped guide us in the planning for the next year.”
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Kerry Shields
HR Technical Lead
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