Pulse & Engagement Surveys

Quickly understand the impact of business changes on morale, engagement & productivity, so you can take immediate action and trust your decision is backed by the most reliable source – your people.

Ask the right questions, for the right insights

Especially in challenging times, you need to ask your people the right questions to identify any changes in morale, productivity or engagement – before it's too late to act.

Get started with pre-populated questions, select from the library, or craft your own questions based on your needs. Understand overall well-being, diversity, or the engagement of remote teams in a matter of hours.

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Maximize completion, for maximum results

You can't take action if people run out of time, or if they don't bother to respond because it's too difficult.

Make completion as easy as possible by scheduling automated email and mobile reminders – and allow your people to complete surveys on any device that suits them.

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Share results to stimulate action

All the insights in the world won't help change your culture, until you have the right stakeholders onboard to drive action.

Automatically share results with managers, and select stakeholders who need to see the results – to help create more visibility, and buy-in required to drive meaningful change.

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Show progress and identify opportunities over time

Action requires buy-in, and the best way to achieve that is by showing where you've come from – and where you're going next.

Surface insights to business leaders and help tell a story that inspires action. Identify progress to date and opportunities for improvement, so you can allocate time and resources where it matters most – for maximum impact.

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How to set up Pulse Surveys for remote teams

Get practical tips and examples for how to set up engagement or pulse surveys, so you and your managers can quickly gather the insights needed to support your people effectively.

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