Real-time feedback & employee recognition

If your Managers and teams are feeling disconnected, offering a simple way to share feedback or employee recognition can help people feel valued and also identify new opportunities for growth.

Why people are desperate for Real-time Feedback

The solution

Offer a dedicated place for feedback & recognition

In today's war for talent plus the added challenge of remote work, HR teams are searching for ways to help people feel connected, recognized, and continue learning.

Providing a dedicated feedback tool for Managers and peers to share feedback and employee recognition offers a vital opportunity for the connection and growth people need to remain engaged and thriving in their roles – year round.

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49 %

Employees are twice as likely to say they'll quit in the next year if they do not feel adequately recognized.¹

Start nurturing your feedback culture today

Low cost, high reward

Make it quick & easy, so people can share freely

Without dedicated feedback software or a culture that actively promotes feedback sharing – it's unrealistic to expect this to happen naturally.

Real-time feedback allows people to easily share a Praise or Tip with anyone in the company, or Ask for feedback to fuel their own professional development. Let people choose from recent goals, projects, skills, or even your own company values.

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Build clarity & trust

Full control over visibility & privacy settings

Depending on your existing feedback culture, some people may need to build trust before fully embracing feedback.

Admin rights let you control anonymity and visibility settings ranging from your access as admin, to Manager visibility of feedback within their team. We then make it as clear as possible to people who can see the feedback shared – which you can adjust as people get more comfortable.

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Celebrate together

Share success & peer recognition across teams

Particularly as remote teams report feeling more disconnected, it's important to celebrate individual contributions, as well as company success.

Public praise lets people decide if they want their feedback to be shared publicly, rather than kept private. This fuels your feedback culture through the snowball effect, while also helping share success and employee appreciation across the company.

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Insights & analytics

Understand adoption & identify feedback champions

If you really want to establish a feedback culture, it's important to understand how people are interacting and how you can support them further.

Understand and drive adoption by seeing who has sent at least one Praise, or nothing at all. Once people become familiar, you can start segmenting your data to identify which departments, teams or Managers have a healthy 5:1 ratio of Praise vs. Tip.

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Customer story

Results – Increased feedback, trust & outcomes

In their first year of using Impraise, Starlight shared a A staggering 9,434 pieces of feedback. 63% of that feedback was shared through a Praise, Tip or by requesting feedback on a skill – the remaining 37% was shared through formal reviews or projects.

It was really insightful to be able to see the data and the metrics over the course of time. That helped guide us in the planning for the next year.”
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Kerry Shields
HR Technical Lead
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¹ Employee Recognition: Low Cost, High Impact (Gallup).