Research: What do Millennials with no professional experience look for in their first job?

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New York City - June 2017 - A study by the HR tech company Impraise, concludes that Millennials want continuous feedback and accept monitoring of their work all because the main thing they are looking for in a job is learning opportunities. The company analyzed hundreds of answers from Millennials with less than 2 years of professional experience and found that the number 1 factor that motivates them to go for a job are the opportunities to grow and master leadership skills.

The research concludes that organisational culture is essential for attracting young professionals as 63 percent of the respondents are likely to go for a job at a learning organisation that offers opportunities such as training, workshops and company funded post- graduate schooling. 55 percent of Millennials consider leadership opportunities a key factor when looking for employment opportunities,. In fact, 77% of Millennials agree that they perform better if managers intervene and monitor their work.

“We wanted to find out what millennials prioritise and what motivates them in the workplace . Surprisingly, learning was such a key motivator that they were willing to give up a degree of autonomy for growth” said Steffen Maier, Co-Founder of Impraise, a web-based and mobile solution for real-time feedback at work.

In terms of feedback preferences, the majority (41%) prefer a weekly frequency for feedback interactions and 33% would like to receive feedback whenever they ask for it. Face to face feedback remains the prefered option, followed by a feedback tool as the favorite method for feedback interactions. 56 percent of Millennials prefer giving real-time feedback to their coworkers, as compared to fixed terms such as on a weekly or annual basis. Findings also show that millennials expect to have in-person one-on-one’s & meetings with their managers on a monthly basis, which is preferred by a vast majority of participants (75%).

Another surprising finding was that only 30% of them consider remote-working an important factor, departing from the increasing trend in remote, part-time and freelance working options. It’s clear from these findings that what millennials are looking for are organizations and management that place a high importance on coaching and a commitment to helping their people grow.

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Impraise is an HR tech company based in Amsterdam and New York City Founded by 4 Y Combinator alumni in 2014, the company provides a web-based and mobile solution that engages co-workers by enabling users to give and receive valuable feedback in real-time and when it’s most helpful. For press inquires contact

***The research aims to find out what Millennials with minimum or no professional experience are looking for in their first job. The majority of the respondents (42%) are Bachelor’s degree students & 48 percent out of all participants have one to three years of working experience and 41 percent have none. Most of the Millennials who have filled out the survey are between the age of 21-23 (67%).