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Release Notes

If you're curious about what's new in Impraise and what's improved, you've come to right place.

Impraise for Web

January 8, 2018


  • Introducing Private Notes, a great way to organize your thoughts before giving feedback to others or preparing for one on one conversations. You can add, edit, and access Private Notes from Quick Actions or a selected individual's profile page.

  • Managers can now create Private Notes from the Quick Actions menu along with giving feedback to the selected person or get feedback from them.

January 3, 2018


  • Based on your feedback around discoverability and ease of use, we’ve expanded and moved the navigation bar from the top to the left. All of the tabs and actions that were previously available to you are now even easier to find. We’ve made two new sections (You and Your Team) to organize actions you take the most often easier to find and faster to get to. Find out more about this change here.

  • Admins can now access Dash and Labs functionality directly within Impraise, manage employees, and organization settings. Find out more about this change here.

  • Managers now see their direct reports listed on the sidebar with Quick Actions to give or ask for feedback making coaching easier than ever. Learn more about it here.


  • Fixes and performance improvements

December 8, 2017


  • Performance enhancements.

November 22, 2017


  • To surface Event data and insights more clearly, we’ve made improvements to Event reports. The Event description will now be collapsed by default. To expand the description, click on “Show description” under the Event title.

November 7, 2017


  • In-product help is now available in Impraise! Instantly access help articles and live chat on every page by clicking on the blue question mark button on the bottom right corner of your screen. Click on the “Chat With Us” button in the sidebar to connect with our customer support team. We’d love to hear your feedback on the content available today or suggestions for additional articles


  • Fixed an issue where profile images could appear in the wrong orientation (e.g. sideways) because EXIF orientation information in the profile images was being ignored

  • Fixed an issue where questions could not be removed when trying to edit an Event

  • Fixed an issue that could cause Report notification emails to be incorrectly sent when an ongoing Event was reopened for some participants

  • Updated how average ratings are calculated in Reports to ensure they’re consistent across Reports and Users

  • Ensured Peer Matching tasks get automatically marked as completed when Peer Matching ends and the Event moves on to the next stage

October 12, 2017


  • Combination of web frontend changes to help make Impraise for Web faster, more secure and future-proof

  • Improved performance across the board for Events, primarily around working with answers, tasks and the main Events pages

October 4, 2017


  • Fixed an issue where some received feedback would not show up in the correct order

  • Fixed an issue when generating PDF reports under certain conditions

  • Fixed an issue where notifications could be incorrectly delivered to managers during the Peer Matching process

September 21, 2017


  • Performance improvements when searching for users in some areas of the application (e.g. Peer Matching)

  • SAML/SSO integration enhancements

  • Adjusted the placeholder copy when filling out reviews, so that it’s the same across Web, iOS and Android


  • Fixed an issue with very large events where Peer Matching could fail to submit correctly

  • Fixed an issue where long labels in the Rating Circle would not correctly display

  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to complete the manager approval step under certain rare conditions

  • Fixed an issue with ADFS SSO logins

September 1, 2017


  • Fixed an issue where the Login Form would not correctly focus the Submit Button

  • Fixed an issue that caused duplicated event questions to be wrongly copied over

  • Fixed an issue with the hierarchy dropdown on the event progress page for Internet Explorer 11

August 15, 2017


  • Fixed the Event Summary timeline copy to correctly state if Self-Assessments for an Event have been enabled

August 10, 2017


  • Event Reports can now be shared anonymously or non-anonymously with feedback recipients, their managers, and observers

  • The default option for anonymity settings when sharing Event Reports is based on the organization’s Access Policies


  • Fixed an issue where you could not react to feedback if your organization had only configured a single reaction type

July 18, 2017


  • Enhanced support for Employee Management, specifically deactivating and reactivating user accounts within your organization

  • Additional support for Access Policies across organizations


  • Fixed an issue in the Employee Management, where invited users would incorrectly show up as “No invitation sent”

  • Fixed an issue with reports, where graphs with values including decimal points could render incorrectly

July 7, 2017


  • Updated copy in the introduction email sent when you first join Impraise

  • Refreshed the user interface for reacting to received feedback

  • Tightened spacing across the entire application to better fit smaller displays


  • Fixed an issue where some received feedback would not show up in the correct order

June 30, 2017


  • Ability to access the feedback given to your coworkers on their profiles, depending on your organization’s Access Policies


  • Praise & Tip buttons are now accessible when looking at another user’s empty profile page, to encourage giving of feedback

June 23, 2017


  • Praise & Tip is now supported on the web, when enabled for an organization


  • We now combine multiple notifications you’d receive when people react to your feedback into a single notification

  • Your reports list on the Feedback Page no longer includes reports for archived Events

June 16, 2017


  • In your Recent Feedback Page, and other places where you see your feedback listed, the date displayed is now the time at which the feedback was made available, and not necessarily the time at which it was created

  • Feedback is now ordered chronologically in email notifications When setting up an event, we now prevent you from configuring sharing settings that lock you out of your own reports

  • Event interaction should now feel snappier thanks to some performance improvements behind the scenes