Let Your People Drive Your Performance Management

Actionable feedback

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Performance Reviews

Gather relevant and accurate feedback for your employees quicker and easier. Check in with them more frequently now.

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Manager Reviews

Give managers the opportunity to understand their key skill areas and where they may need improvement. Templates are fully customizable and easy to run.

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360 degree feedback

Collaborative feedback is set up in a matter of minutes, giving you an excellent understanding of your team’s strengths and possible coaching needs.

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Real-time feedback

Providing and sharing feedback has never been so instant. Prompt feedback results in quicker learning and encourages social interaction in your team.

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Make Coaching a Routine

Skills that are relevant

Help employees develop skills that align with the businesses’ core competencies.

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Keep it anonymous, if you want.

Feedback is anonymous, allowing employees to give honest feedback. Of course there is the option to have an open way of sharing feedback, too.

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Peer coaching conversations

Employees can start meaningful conversations within the app to better understand their strengths and potential coaching areas. Two way conversations via the app nurture face to face conversations. That's the goal!

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Make Better Decisions

employee development strengths

Track user engagement and progress

Easily check employee feedback behavior. Who's giving great feedback in time? Who is struggling to formulate feedback and could benefit from training? 

Insightful team overviews

Get a simple overview of the team's strengths and skill gaps. Training and coaching programs can be much more targeted and now have a bigger impact.

Real-time reports

One-on-Ones and development conversations become more meaningful and employees will constantly know where their key strengths are and where they may need coaching.

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Track improvement over time

Track personal development and learning progress over time. Convey a sense of achievement and success to keep learning efforts high.

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Perfectly Integrated Into Your Workflow

Set-up & Implementation

Everything is fully customizable and can be changed to meet your needs.  Whatever your focus is, Impraise can be easily integrated into your workflow.

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Language Support

The user interface is in English. However, the content can be customized with skills and questions in any language.  No problem to run it globally. 

Integration & API

Impraise integrates with Workday Other HRIS are following. Single-sign-on makes your start quick and easy. We are happy to provide other integrations to fit our client needs.

Security and Privacy

Keeping customer data secure and user’s private information safe is one of our highest priorities. All data is secured using the latest HTTPS Encryption Software. Contact us to learn more about security features.

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