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Reduce the burden of traditional performance management and deliver a seamless experience that keeps your best people engaged, learning and doing their best work – all in one place.

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In a world where business challenges are becoming more complex by the day – building an experience that attracts and retains the best people to solve them is more important than ever before.

Leading HR and People teams recognize traditional processes don't provide enough value to succeed – so they're moving to more continuous, Manager-led practices to drive more engaged and high performing teams.

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89% of HR leaders agree that ongoing peer feedback and check-ins are key for successful outcomes.¹

Build a culture of continuous feedback & exceptional results

Become the facilitator of growth & success

HR and People teams that learn to empower Managers with the tools needed to build high performing teams in todays complex world will soon have an unfair advantage over their competition.

Read on to learn how Impraise can help you can design and deliver an exceptional experience that empowers your Managers today.

We knew our People Managers would play a really important role in sharing the information, embedding the process, and having quality coaching conversations, which is a huge part of why we implemented Impraise."
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Melissa Barker
Learning and Development Advisor

Create visibility & alignment around your mission

Goal setting can vary drastically across companies, and sometimes even more so between teams – making it incredibly difficult to establish a shared process for alignment.

Impraise offers a flexible shared space with supporting processes to create and track company Goals and OKRs, so you can bring teams together and keep goals top of mind – increasing your chances of achieving success, together.

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Foster continuous conversations to fuel growth

Traditional performance processes typically take people a lot of time and effort – without offering much value in return.

It's time to design and deliver an experience that enables Managers to engage in meaningful conversations with their people throughout the year – increasing clarity, learning opportunities and greater performance overall.

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Help create development opportunities every day

If you're experiencing high turnover or low engagement, theres a good chance people aren't challenged or learning enough in their current role.

Development is often pushed aside when times get busy, but this is a short term mistake with long term consequences. Impraise helps Managers to embed learning opportunities into every day workflows, so people are learning while still delivering results.

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Supporting Managers & more quality conversations

Prior to Impraise was a manual and cumbersome paper-based process. This process did not allow for data to be collated and updated easily, making it very difficult to report, track and analyse information when required. This process also lacked meaning for team members.

Compared to our old process, Impraise is a tool that really empowers our people to focus on how they can make the best possible impact."
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Melissa Barker
Learning & Development Advisor
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Trusted by the worlds leading HR & People Teams

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¹ SHRM/Globoforce Survey Reveals Human-Centered Approaches in the Workplace Help Organizations Better Recruit and Retain Employees.