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Give your Managers the tools & insights to deliver a seamless performance management experience – so they're empowered to build truly high performing teams & deliver outstanding results.

Supporting the worlds best Managers & Team Leads

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Managers need support to be successful

With growing pressure to keep your best people engaged and performing at their best, you need to empower the people with the greatest influence – Managers.

Traditional performance processes don't come close to providing Managers with the tools or insights needed to build great teams, especially if people are working remote. Now is your opportunity to change this – before it's too late.

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Managers account for 70% of variance in employee engagement¹ – so it's more important than ever to provide them with the tools to connect and keep teams engaged.

How Impraise helps you empower Managers

Start at the source

Successful teams begin with successful Managers

Once Managers have the tools and insights for how to make their team more successful, they will be in a much better position to build engaged and high performing teams.

Learn how Impraise helps you establish an environment where Managers are fully equipped to do this – so you can focus on creating a consistent and scalable experience across your entire organization.

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Keep teams aligned on the overall mission

Especially with remote teams, it's more important than ever for Managers to provide clear expectations and focus for their team, so everyone is contributing to the company mission.

Impraise Goals & OKRs help departments and teams clearly understand how their work contributes to your company goals – and then provides supporting workflows to ensure everyone stays on track and keeps them top of mind.

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Enable regular interactions for clarity & growth

Traditional performance processes are highly administrative for Managers and end up providing little value for people, as feedback is too infrequent to build momentum.

Impraise facilitates more continuous interactions with their team, so Managers have more contextual awareness to understand their needs and offer more coaching opportunities – helping build more engaged and effective teams.

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Remove the development trade-off

It can be incredibly challenging for Managers to prioritize professional development if their targets are at risk or there is no pressure from Leadership – or both.

Impraise is designed to help Managers embed learning opportunities into every day workflows, so their people can still deliver exceptional results and learn at the same time – helping drive engagement and performance over time.

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Customer story

Empowering Managers through growth at TicketSwap

The previous system they used to run bi-annual performance reviews was an unfriendly user experience and did not provide a clear framework for the business, it’s managers, and it’s employees.

We wanted a platform that was easy to use - for managers and their teams - and Impraise was a great fit.”
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Anouk van der Spek
HR Manager
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Supporting the worlds best Managers & Team Leads

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¹ Gallup: Managers Account for 70% of Variance in Employee Engagement.