Alignment: Create focus for exceptional results

Facilitating alignment around company goals helps everyone know what they should be working on, and feel more connected to the mission – laying the foundations for shared success and a better employee experience.

The changing world

The competition has evolved – in many ways

Remaining competitive today involves solving many complex challenges, so it's more important than ever to attract and retain the best people – and align them to your shared mission.

The worlds top employers have realised the technology is now available to help them move faster than ever before – improving execution against competitors, but also the overall experience for their people.

38 %

Only 40 percent of millennial employees feel strongly connected to their company’s mission.¹

Why aligned companies are outperforming their peers

Bring clarity, focus & alignment – using Impraise

Read on to learn about the user friendly tools and processes available to help you establish alignment across your organization – while being recognized as a trusted facilitator of the entire process.

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Goals & OKRs

Create focus & accountability to drive results

Avoid time consuming processes that lead to a "set and forget" mentality because people don't know how to contribute, they're not visible, and there is no accountability for results.

Goals & OKRs provide an intuitive and flexible foundation to fit your process – establishing a visible source of truth where you can assign clear ownership to ensure accountability, and drive success on what matters.

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Stay top of mind with regular 1:1 conversations

Once your goals are set and people know how they can contribute, it is essential to keep the conversation going – to avoid being forgotten.

Managers can easily check in on goal progress with team members during 1:1s using the template library. This provides Managers with a space to identify and unblock challenges for their teams, and remain focused on company priorities throughout the quarter.

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Real-time Feedback

Celebrate success and offer constructive advice

Even with your goals clearly visible and 1:1 regular conversations happening with Managers, you sometimes need other ways to offer a guiding hand to keep focus.

Real-time Feedback enables Managers and peers to easily reinforce positive behaviours with a Praise, or to offer guiding advice with a Tip – quickly and conveniently in the moment, or whenever it suits them.

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People Analytics & Reporting

What gets measured, gets done

If goals are spread across different tools, then it's difficult or impossible to measure and report progress in a meaningful way.

By selecting the right metrics and making it easy to update progress of goals and objectives, it becomes possible to measure and analyze progress not only throughout the quarter, but also over time – helping understand success like never before.

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Pulse & Engagement Surveys

Track & measure alignment over time

One of the best ways to understand if people are aligned and engaged with your company mission, is to ask – especially if people are working remote.

Pulse & Engagement Surveys
allow you to regularly ask your people if they understand and support your direction, and more. Comparing results over time provides insights and tangible evidence to Leadership if people are aligned with the mission or not.

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Customer story

See how Starlight aligned people to their strategy

We had business goals around three areas: meaningful feedback, being valued, and growth, and we were really happy to see a shift (for the better) in those scores and that was driven by Impraise.”
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Susan Henry
Head of People & Culture
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Join hundreds of leading employers already aligning their teams using Impraise

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¹ – How to Engage Employees Through Your Company Vision Statement.