Development: Grow your people to grow your business

Help Managers to foster a growth mindset by encouraging people to take ownership of their own professional development – building more effective, engaged teams & reducing turnover at the same time.

Take the wheel

People want to be in the drivers seat

Professional development is easily pushed aside when people are busy – especially when working remotely and you're relying on Managers or informal learning to drive this.

Leading companies today have realized they can no longer expect to attract top talent and keep them engaged – without creating opportunities for them to take ownership of their own career growth and professional development.

83 %

86% of respondents said they would change jobs if it meant more opportunities for professional development.¹

Why development is critical for business success

Create learning opportunities every day

Professional development is well recognized as an effective way to drive company growth, productivity and retain valuable employees – but it can be hard to prioritize in reality.

By selecting a tool that helps Managers integrate development opportunities into existing workflows and puts people in the drivers seat of their own career – you can start growing your people, and your business.

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Goals & OKRs

Help people set their own career trajectory

Any road will get you there, if you haven't set clear goals of where you want to go.

SMART Goals & OKRs make it easy for Managers to help set professional development goals with each team member – with the option to link them to company objectives for additional alignment. People can easily select the most relevant metrics to define success and set due dates to keep themselves accountable.

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Stay top of mind with regular conversations

Setting professional goals is a big step in the right direction, but we all know how easy it can be to set them – and then forget.

1:1s help keep the conversation alive by easily selecting topics from active goals, or desired skills in the 1:1 topics library. This creates a supportive place where Managers can offer guidance and inspiration for people on how to achieve their professional goals.

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Real-time Feedback

Request feedback for more holistic insights

If people want insights into a specific area, or feedback from people outside their team – they should have full autonomy to ask.

Real-time feedback allows individuals to request feedback from people they work with most for extra insights. Build questions around active goals, use the skills & competencies library, or let them fully customize questions around their latest stakeholder presentation.

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Flexibility to support growth in Reviews

Performance Reviews have a history of competitive assessment, however the goal has shifted significantly in recent years towards growth and development.

Reviews provide you with maximum flexibility – from peer selection, to question creation using the skills and competencies library – so you can design a seamless experience that helps people better understand their opportunities to learn and grow.

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Pulse & Engagement Surveys

Understand sentiment & identify opportunities

Your employee development program will always be evolving, so it's important to measure engagement to understand your impact, and learn how you might improve the opportunities you provide.

Pulse & Engagement Surveys provide rich insights about how your people are responding to changes, and allows you to compare results over time – showing progress to Leadership for improved buy-in.

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People Analytics & Reporting

Measure your impact & prove value

Although most people agree that professional development is important – it can still be incredibly difficult to get buy-in when targets are at stake.

People Analytics & Reporting helps you provide tangible evidence of the impact you can have on performance and engagement – so development is no longer seen as a nice-to-have if you want to succeed together as a company.

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Customer story

TicketSwap's approach to continuous learning

Being a company with many tech developers, it was vital that TicketSwap implemented a solution that had a great user experience. The solution needed to fit in with their existing way of working and not create disruption.

Before, it felt like there were just spontaneous moments, now there is one dedicated place that helps monitor their personal growth and drive their performance forward.”
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Anouk van der Spek
HR Manager
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¹ Forbes: Why Employers Need To Invest In Professional Development In 2019.

² Brandman University: Business leaders explain how professional development benefits help with employee retention.