Performance: Add clarity & insights to fuel growth

Make tick-box annual performance appraisals a thing of the past by facilitating more continuous & effective manager conversations throughout the year – providing more insights and saving time, for everyone.

Changing expectations

Spread touch-points
throughout the year

Generational shifts, increasing digital expectations, and a real struggle for talent means it is no longer okay to run one standard performance appraisal each year – followed by a raise or a tough conversation.

To build an engaging workplace where people can learn and grow, your people expect to know how they're performing, receive recognition, and know how to get to the next level – year round.

67 %

69% of employees say they would work harder if they felt their efforts were better recognized.¹

Why leading companies are moving towards continuous Performance Management

Drive value, not just processes

While people are familiar with the annual performance review, it clearly doesn't provide enough value alone to develop the people you need to be successful.

Impraise is a performance management system designed to save you time and facilitate a smoother user experience, so you can enable the growth and development required to retain top talent. Learn how the software helps you achieve this, below.

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Goals & OKRs

Align on expectations –
up front

It's hard to have conversations about performance if people don't know what to work on in the first place.

Setting SMART Goals & OKRs help teams to focus on what is most important to you as a business, and supports Managers and teams to clearly align on expectations up front. It also makes it easier to start the conversation if feedback is required to get things back on track.

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Facilitate more regular coaching conversations

Most difficult performance conversations happen because the Manager waited until review season to provide feedback – when it could have been raised sooner.

Regular 1:1s provide Managers and their reports with a shared space to discuss progress and challenges – creating healthier relationships and more coaching opportunities for Managers throughout the year.

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Real-time Feedback

Enable more feedback –
when it matters most

People want to grow faster and know how they're performing, more than ever before – so it's crucial to provide more opportunities for them to do this.

Real-time Feedback allows Managers and Peers to celebrate success with a team member by sending a Praise, or provide constructive feedback with a Tip. People can also ask for feedback directly from colleagues on the areas they want to grow most.

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Increase fairness and reduce strain of Reviews

Reviews have historically been extremely time-consuming for HR and everyone involved, but this is no longer the case, with Impraise.

With customizable questions, flexible scheduling, and automatic reminders, you can run more enjoyable reviews with higher participation. Alongside Goals & regular 1:1s, your Reviews should now be fairer and provide people with a clearer understanding of performance.

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Pulse & Engagement Surveys

Learn and grow over time – like your people

One of the best ways to understand if people are receiving enough growth opportunities in their role, or if people have suggestions to improve the process – is to ask.

Pulse and Engagement Surveys are a great way to ask recurring questions on important topics, so you can see results over time. It also provides tangible evidence to Leadership if you need support to focus more in a particular area.

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People Analytics & Reporting

Get a full picture of Performance – in one place

If your Reviews are run across various tools, it can be incredibly difficult to gather the data to understand participation, let alone performance.

With everything all in one place, you can now receive granular insights into adoption, participation and performance – like never before. Drill down by team to understand things like which Managers haven't scheduled post-Review 1:1s, and much more.

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Customer story

How DoorDash scaled performance across teams

Besides reinventing their reviews cycle, DoorDash also focused on encouraging real-time feedback between peers, leaders, and direct reports. The regular exchange of feedback in between review cycles makes it easy for everyone to accurately recall insights for the bi-annual review.

Prior to Impraise we had 8,000 different Google Docs to go through every review cycle. None of our team liked it and it was a huge administrative burden. With Impraise our bi-annual reviews are lighter, less scary, and more helpful.”
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Lianne Hajduch
HR Business Partner
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Join leading employers already facilitating growth and development using Impraise

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¹ 17 Mind-blowing Statistics on Performance Reviews and Employee Engagement (Source).