Help remote teams stay connected and engaged

To succeed in making a remote friendly workplace, HR must find technology that helps build engaged and aligned teams, who feel connected to the mission – even when working from the home office.

How can you better support remote teams?

In a world where companies are competing to attract and retain top talent, you need to support new ways of working to ensure your people are engaged.

Impraise is an intuitive platform designed to help you to build a culture where your people feel connected and coordinated – no matter if they're across town, or the globe.

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Trusted to support remote work at leading companies across the world


Help managers easily collaborate and communicate

Continuously changing environments and remote teams make being a manager even harder, and communication even more important than before.

Enable managers and coaches to thoughtfully prepare 1:1 meetings with their teams, share agendas and take notes of action items to ensure communication is as continuous and structured as possible.

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Goals & OKRs

Keep teams focused and aligned

Managers need to keep remote teams aware of priorities – especially if they can change.

Make team OKRs and priorities accessible for the whole team, so managers can easily communicate progress and changes in priority, to help keep the team aligned.

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Pulse & Engagement Surveys

Monitor engagement and identify blockages

To help teams remain engaged and productive in difficult times, managers need to know if engagement is healthy, or if their team is blocked in some way.

When you can't see your team every day, running regular Pulse Surveys allow managers to identify when morale or collaboration changes, so they can quickly identify where to focus their precious time.

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Real-time Feedback

Support recognition with continuous feedback

When teams are working remotely, it is more imporant than ever people feel recognized for the work they do, and receive confirmation they are doing the right things.\

Make it easy for managers and peers to recognize a job well done, or to offer advice on how they could improve next time, with real-time feedback – anytime, anywhere.

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6 ways to build a feedback culture in remote teams

Learn how HR teams can help build a strong feedback culture and aligned teams even when employees are working from home and across the globe.

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Trusted to support remote work at leading companies across the world

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