“We would learn so much more from each other, if only we shared more feedback!”
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“We want Impraise to be the simplest and most natural way to share feedback, right when it’s still fresh in your mind.”

Bas Kohnke CEO at Impraise

The fitness-tracker for your professional life.

The same way you can track your morning runs and your progress in the last few weeks, you can use Impraise at work to track your professional development.

We are all surrounded by talented people who would love to help and learn from each other. We came up with a solution that allows you to ask for feedback right when it's needed and that lets your colleagues and managers support you along the way.

People behind Impraise

iOS & Android Development
Anaïs Payet

Born at Reunion Island, France. Involved in closing the tech gender gap by encouraging more women to give it a try. Loves to discover new places and new cultures. She believes that everything is possible.

Blog & Content Marketing
Andrea Hak

Born in the USA, half-Chilean. Passionate about human rights, learning about new ideas and exploring new cities. Research nerd, nomad and tea addict.

Android & IOS Development
Arnaud Camus

Born in France with cheese and a wine bottle in his cradle. When he’s not playing with Google gadgets, he loves to explore the world and ride his mountain bike.

Bas Kohnke

Born in the Netherlands. Bas is very passionate about learning from other people. He has an impressive entrepreneurial drive and perseverance.

Business Development
Ben Vink

Born in South Africa. Used to be a Technical Assistant A.K.A Street Sweeper. Business savvy and keen explorer.

Back-end Developer
Bertrand Dubaut

Born in Paris, France. Used to live down under. Can be found playing baseball, crafting martinis or coding.

Business development
Bobby Nagle

Born and raised in the suburbs of London. Passionate about good coffee, 90s music, and karaoke. Also the best dancer at Impraise.

Customer Success
Boyan Kmetov

Born in Bulgaria. Lover of heavy music who enjoys the company of fine-tuned guitars and drums.

HR research/Master thesis
Elvin Kingma

Born in Holland. Studying in Cambridge, UK. Music fanatic. Loves coffee, games and sports and coffee, but above all, loves his thesis more than anything, oh and coffee. Did we mention that? 

Business Development
Evan Roth

Born and Raised in the one and only New Jersey. Goes to sleep and wakes up listening to Bruce Springsteen. Enjoys watching the New York Giants and Knicks. Chicken Parmesan is the way to my heart!


Frontend Development
Evgeniy Skuridin

From Uzbekistan. Fixed gear rider. Always wanted to live in Europe. Passionate about music, space and ecology.

Filipe Dobreira

Born in Portugal, he’s a real code pusher and everyday cyclist. He loves to cook vegetarian and building things people want to use.

Design and Front-end
Gabriele Cirulli

Born in Italy, he created the popular game 2048. He’s a self-taught designer and programmer, with a passion for anything with pixels and a love for detail.

Customer Success
Gintare Lauruskaite

Born in Lithuania. Multi-tasker. Living by the rule - when in doubt, travel. She's amazingly taking care of the team and helps finding the best people to join.

Blog and content marketing
Holly Tuxworth

Born in London. Lover of good music, bad horror films, travel and pizza. Can usually be found trying to pet stray cats or drinking excessive amounts of tea.

Customer Success
Kinga Asbóth

Born in Hungary, in love with Budapest and with Amsterdam. Psychologist, photographer, a passionate sailor and cyclist, her greatest motives are seeking understanding and self-awareness.

Public Relations and Communications
Matias Rodsevich

Born in Argentina. Lost in Europe, chocolate and coffee are his basic needs. Nap lover.


Business development
Matthew Nadolny

Account Executive.Born and raised in Fairfield Connecticut and enjoy a good cup of coffee. High energy and always ready for a conversation around performance management!

Public relations and communications
Nilou Yekta

Born in Tehran. Full-time music lover, coffee drinker and Simpsons fan who plans on seeing the world, one cheese at a time.

Front-end developer
Ozan Sener

Born in Istanbul.Full time programming guru. Passable chef. enjoys trying all the spicy dishes the world has to offer.

Business Development
Paul Tholens

Born in the Netherlands. Avid traveller that returned to the Netherlands after pursuing an MBA in China. Passionate about social enterprises, sports and learning new things.

Customer Success
Reinier Verhoeff

Born in the Netherlands. Energized by working in teams, bringing new ideas to life, organisational challenges and analytical puzzles. Loves to kitesurf, cycle, speed skate, run and play tennis.

Customer Success
Rempko de Bie

Born in the Netherlands. Goes that extra mile to make customers happy. Passionate about plastic-free oceans, speedskating and French food.


Growth and Marketing
Steffen Maier

Born in Germany, travelled most of the world and learned Chinese, he has a passion for finding good deals, sometimes acts a bit “German”.

Back-end Developer
Thiago Sydow

Born in Brazil. Passionate about programming, technology, good books and heavy metal. Drinks a lot of coffee, tea and beer. Also a rookie drummer.

Product and Data Analytics
Vasco Fernandes

Born in Portugal. Landed in Impraise coming from Berlin where he worked with Delivery Hero, while listening to Fado music. He loves traveling the globe.

Business Development
Wibe van de Vijver

Born in the Netherlands. Joined Impraise after 5 years at Google where he was a Senior Strategist at Google’s HQ in Silicon Valley. Loves music (from indie to techno) and travels.

Law and Order
Officer Friendly

He’s our team mascot. We found him abandoned on the floor when we moved to the USA and took him onboard. He’s a real American, and a big fan of huge plastic cars and freedom.

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