The 12 key behaviors of a great Manager

In this webinar we are joined by 3 experienced people leaders and coaches who break down topics on self-awareness, how to understand, motivate and communicate with your team, all whilst managing remotely.

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Organizational success lags behind in a lot of companies due to a common misconception that great Managers are difficult to find. While that might be partially true, the actual issue is that there are not enough processes in place to coach and nurture employees into becoming great Managers. Great Managers are not born, they can be taught skills and learn behaviors in many different ways in order to lead successfully.

In this webinar with Joliene van Grieken, Marketing Director at Impraise, Wendy Hanson, COO and Co-Founder at BetterManager, and Chris Wells, VP of Customer Success at BetterManager, we discuss the role both HR and Managers play in identifying and enabling employees (leaders) to become great Managers.

Topics covered

Here’s a complete overview of the topics covered. If you’d like to jump to a specific one, simply look at the timestamps and head to that moment in the video, we recommend watching the entire webinar as it is peppered with amazing insights!

1. The impact of Managers (7:25)

Discussion question: "What's the difference between a good and a great Manager?"

2. 12 behaviors of a great Manager (16:20)

  1. Is a good coach
  2. Understands and leverages each employee's unique strengths
  3. Does not micromanage but instead empowers
  4. Is truly interested in each employee's success and wellbeing
  5. Recognizes excellence and praises it
  6. Is productive and results-oriented
  7. Sets clear expectations
  8. Is a good communicator and listens to the team
  9. Helps employee's with career development
  10. Has a clear vision and strategy for the team
  11. Has the key technical skills to advise the team
  12. Makes good hires

3. HR processes to support Managers (27:00)

Discussion question: "How can HR put the right processes in place to start coaching Managers to success?"

4. Practical tips for HR (38:40)

Discussion question: "What practical tactics can HR implement to integrate coaching into their organization?"

5. Q & A (48:40)


We hope you found the webinar insightful, if you have a spare 2 minutes we would love your feedback on your key takeaways and suggested topics for next time.

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