Bridging the gap: How HR & Managers can build high-performing teams (remotely)

In this webinar we are joined by Josine Muurling, People Skills Trainer and Laura Simon, Team Building Consultant, both coming from a background in psychology. Together we breakdown the fundamental requirements to build and run high-performing teams.

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The year 2020 has thrown many curve balls, from personal life through to business development we have all been forced to re-evaluate how we do things. One thing is for certain when we talk about organizations: the need to focus on your people is more important now than ever.

In this webinar we discuss how HR and Managers should work together throughout the entire employee lifecycle to continuously develop and build high-performing teams. We dive deeper into the importance of two-way communication, buy-in at a leadership level and making sure that there is clarity and alignment company-wide. Hit play and listen in to get the full details.

Topics covered

Here’s a complete overview of the topics covered. If you’d like to jump to a specific one, simply look at the timestamps and head to that moment in the video.

1. Building blocks (5:50)

Discussion question: "What are the building blocks of a high-performing team?"

2. Roles and responsibilities (13:25)

Discussion question: "What are the roles and responsibilities that HR and Managers need to have in order to start solving for these gaps?"

3. Bridging the gap (32:30)

Discussion question: "What are some directly applicable practices HR can utilize immediately to bridge that gap with Managers?"

4. Q&A (41:58)


We hope you found the webinar insightful, if you have a spare 2 minutes we would love your feedback on your key takeaways and suggested topics for next time.

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