Expert advice on how to successfully implement OKRs and drive adoption

In this interview, Melanie Wessels, OKRs expert will talk about what OKRs are, how to implement them, and how to get teams excited about OKRs.

Melanie Wessels is an OKR (Objectives and Key Results) & Goal Setting Expert at "OKRs For Success". She's an experienced coach, motivator, and writer with a demonstrated history of working in the tech industry. Her specialty is in goal-setting, OKR implementations, workplace wellness, new-age agility, and business spirituality.

Jump ahead to specific topics:

The OKRs framework can be extremely beneficial for achieving organizational goals and even the ones in your personal life! If you're curious how you can start with OKRs, or want to learn more about them and how to introduce them to your organization, make sure to check out our detailed Ebook on the subject!

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