How to create a safe environment for top performers to flourish

Join Impraise as we discuss real world examples and share practical tools and methods on how to create environments that support employees and allow them to thrive.

Having a healthy company culture where people feel able to contribute their ideas and be themselves is vital to any business. Impraise's Lisette Venema and Darsh Arunasalam dive into the topic of psychological safety and its relationship to feedback.

In this webinar we will cover:

Create an environment for top performers to flourish

Building an environment where it is safe to openly share feedback, ask for help, or even fail and then try again can be a difficult task. Through our experience helping hundreds of customers around the world we understand the value of clarity and alignment, learning opportunities and recognition.

We use Impraise for leadership reviews, peer feedback, self-evaluations, and more. And, in every situation the completion rate is almost 100%. This is something we’re very proud of.
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Kristel Moedt
People & Talent Director
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