Setting up Performance Management from scratch at QWIC

In this customer fireside chat, Frederique van Randwijk, HR Manager at QWIC shares how she started with performance management, the challenges she had to face as well as best practices she adopted to tackle those.

Learn how to create a performance management process from scratch, how to implement OKRs, how to train people to become great managers and more.


During our event “Performance, Process and People - Learn skills and best practices” we invited Frederique van Randwijk, HR Manager at QWIC to share her experience with Performance Management.

She took the audience through her whole journey from joining QWIC when the company had less than 60 employees and didn’t have any performance management processes in place, to experiencing rapid growth in a short time span by doubling their staff.

Her focus was on first establishing fundamental HR processes, making sure that everything is running smoothly and then focusing on the next stage of QWIC’s HR maturity: employee development.

Topics covered

In this talk, she shares how she started laying the foundation for all that was to come, her step-by-step process, the challenges she had to face as well as best practices she adopted to tackle those.

Here’s a complete overview of the topics covered. If you’d like to jump to a specific one, simply look at the timestamps and head to that moment in the video.

1. Establishing fundamental HR processes

2. Driving adoption

3. Benefits and success measures

If you’re looking to learn more about Performance Management common pitfalls, how to identify your organization’s main challenge, or reviews to start with, check out our Guide to Modern Performance Management.

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